Does road conditions affect the transportation of special cargoes?

Hauliers are the most affected by the state of the roads in Spain. Unfortunately, the quality of our roads in some specific stretches leaves much to be desired. It is important to note that approximately 95% of national transport is by road, the rest being air and sea transport. This should be a compelling reason for the relevant institutions to take charge and recover the optimal state of the roads. This would avoid a high percentage of the claims that occur in the transport of special cargoes and would also have an impact on delivery times.

Does the condition of the roads affect transportation?

Yes indeed, the poor condition of a road can be very significant. And these are some of the problems involved:

  • Drivers’ health is paramount due to the long hours spent behind the wheel. Driving on poorly maintained roads can cause neck, back, lumbar pain, headaches, and dizziness, increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Fatigue driving lorries on damaged roads is a problem. Drivers have to deal with potholes and poor pavement, which increases wear and can lead to drowsiness on long journeys.
  • Poor road conditions cause increased wear and damage to trucks, reducing their lifespan and increasing company costs.
  • Bad roads increase accident risk, even when drivers are careful. Unmarked landslides and potholes can lead to incidents.

Impact on the Transportation of Special Cargo

  • Incidents in the merchandise: When it comes to delicate merchandise, these sudden and unexpected bumps can cause items to suffer breakage.
  • Delivery times: When encountering difficult road sections, the driver has to slow down and stop more frequently, which also has an impact on delivery times. Something that can mean a lot of losses for the company.
  • More fuel is consumed: As the vehicle has to make a greater effort because the asphalt is not in good condition, it consumes more fuel because it needs extra energy to move, braking and more frequent gear changes cause more gasoline to be used.

Many carriers have complained about this situation, with greater detriment to the transportation of special cargoes, and therefore in the last quarter of 2017, the EuroRAP (the european roadside assistance program), developed a report highlighting the poor condition of some roads and the risks involved. However, a definitive solution to this problem has not yet been found. Hopefully, the necessary measures will soon be taken to turn this situation around.

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