Freight Board in Logistics

Before we start, it’s important to understand what freight boards are. They are online platforms where carriers search for and offer loads to make use of return trips and fill empty truck space.

A freight exchange is a platform that provides a web-based service for carriers to search for and bid on freight that is available for transport in order to take advantage of return trips and available truck space.

As we mentioned, a carrier can not only view loads but also offer them to initiate the same process in reverse. In other words, if there’s extra space in a truck, it can be offered, and other carriers can offer to fill it with their own loads.

How exactly do the cargo bags work?

The carrier offers online the characteristics of the trip with the dates and the interested parties start calling and an agreement is reached between both parties.

What is the purpose of the cargo bags?

Freight boards facilitate the connection between transport companies and agencies, allowing benefits from making use of return trips. Carriers offer specific routes to maximize earnings and fill empty vehicles. These boards serve various users, from carriers to logistics operators, creating a supply and demand market in transportation.

To ensure compliance with rules and agreements, freight boards establish strict legality in all transactions, ensuring the fulfillment of agreed terms.

What are the benefits of freight exchanges?

Transport companies choose to use these platforms not only to find return loads, as mentioned earlier, but also for other significant benefits:

  • Greater Productivity and Miles Traveled: The ability to offer empty space in trucks increases the productivity of trips, allowing for the transportation of more goods and improving service.
  • Long-Term Relationships: Maintaining constant contact with providers creates trust relationships that can result in long-term benefits for both parties.
  • Enhanced Safety: Companies using freight boards guarantee the safe delivery of goods in optimal conditions and with proper service, backed by the platform’s reliability.

I am not a freight forwarder, should I bid on freight bags?

It’s true, we focus on guiding freight boards for transport and logistics companies. On a journey, the company not only offers the trip but also negotiates prices and organizes the placement of goods in the truck.

Freight boards are for different sectors, including multimodal logistics and traffic agents. Why worry when there are qualified professionals to handle it?

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