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Are you an industrial, construction or renewable energy company?

Do you need a fleet with special transport equipment for your goods?

Do you want to relieve your company's special logistics and delegate it to a special transport company?

At Transvolando, we specialize in transporting large and heavy goods like turbines, solar panels, and construction materials. Our expertise lies in providing exceptional road transportation services for our clients.

We are specialists in it and as a special goods transport company, we work the logistics of those goods that, due to their characteristics, need a personalized service.

What are special transportation services?

The special transport services are all those that in the load transport an excess in weight or measures with respect to those that are admitted as maximum according to the vehicle regulations.

This requires a fleet and specific equipment capable of guaranteeing the integrity of the goods, the vehicle and the surrounding material goods.

What kind of fleets and equipment do we offer?

Our fleet. Adapted vehicles and equipment

There are a multitude of models depending on the dimensions and their specific characteristics, which can be grouped into two specific types of trucks:

Gondola Trucks

Platform or gondola trucks are vehicles that carry a special type of trailer for special road transport of heavy and large goods. These vehicles are widely used to transport agricultural or construction machinery.

The trailers of these trucks have different dimensions from the traditional ones, and have a specific reinforcement at the base to be able to support the load without damaging the axle.

Depending on the dimensions and maximum load they can carry, we can find different models.

Crane trucks

Crane trucks are those that have a crane incorporated in their chassis to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods.

These are used when it is necessary to move a type of merchandise that, due to its dimensions or weight, cannot be handled in any other way. As in the previous case, depending on the needs of the load, there are different truck cranes.

Equipment used in special transport

In order to ensure the safety of the vehicle, it is necessary to carry out different manipulations of the goods, both in loading and unloading, as well as in the interior of the truck.

In this way, we are guaranteeing the safety of the merchandise with total security so as not to cause human or material damage to these elements.

Heavy-duty lifting cranes

When truck cranes are not used but bulky goods need to be handled, external cranes are used to lift the load and deposit it in a convenient location. Depending on the weight and dimensions of the goods, one crane model or another will be required.

Typically, the tonnage they can handle is much higher than in conventional cranes.

Forklifts and other special handling equipment

In order to successfully complete all types of movements and mobilization of heavy loads, there are special forklifts that can transport them from the place where they are located to the loading area.

Given the characteristics of the goods, this equipment is usually reinforced at the base, and can support large tonnages in a small area.

Special transport service nationwide throughout Spain and Europe.

We have the necessary and sufficient means to offer a quality service for special transports throughout the national territory, guaranteeing that the merchandise will arrive in optimal conditions at its destination.

We can reach any region of the peninsula, since we have the necessary infrastructure to guarantee a capillary service to any city or municipality in Spain.

Authorizations for special road transport

In Transvolando we offer a serious and professional service that will take care of your merchandise so that it arrives in perfect conditions to its destination, scrupulously fulfilling the necessary norms established by law to be able to circulate by conventional road, highway or freeway with this type of merchandise.

We help you with the generic authorization of special transport.

Generic Authorization

For certain loads, we have vehicles that require special authorization to circulate.

The following are the maximum weights and dimensions of special means of transport by road.

  • Vehicle with a maximum length of 20.55 meters x 3 meters wide x 4.5 meters high. In summary: maximum truck height = 4.5 meters, truck width = 3 meters.
  • The weight of the assembly measures a maximum of 45 tons.

It is important to remember that the maximum speed, in general, for a special vehicle is 40 km/h except under special conditions.

Specific Authorization

Secondly, there are the specific authorizations for the vehicles listed below:

  • Vehicles with a maximum length of 40 meters x 5 meters wide x 4.7 meters high, provided that the weight does not exceed 110 tons of total mass.

The maximum speed at which these vehicles can circulate is 70 km/h, although the limitations established in the ITV cards will always prevail over these limitations.

Regarding the circulation schedule, it should be noted that these vehicles may circulate both during the day and at night.

What is a Complementary Driving Authorization?

A Complementary Driving Authorization (ACC) is an exceptional authorization that must be issued when one of the maximum permitted values of the vehicle, i.e. the masses and dimensions it can carry, is to be exceeded.

Direct full load

We carry out special transports directly, door to door and with full load, thus achieving a more agile and efficient service for our customers.


In Transvolando you have your special transport agency in Madrid and we are committed to quality.

Our philosophy allows us to establish ourselves as one of the best road transport companies throughout the national territory, also carrying out special international transports throughout the European continent.

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Are you an industrial, construction or renewable energy company?

Do you need a fleet with special transport equipment for your goods?

Do you want to relieve your company's special logistics and delegate it to a special transport company?

At Transvolando, we specialize in special road transportation of goods such as turbines, blades, solar panels, public works materials, etc.

We specialize in this, and as a special goods transportation company, we handle the logistics of goods that, due to their characteristics, require personalized service.

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