Is your merchandise very heavy and you can't find a supplier to transport it?

Would you like to save costs on your shipments?

Do you need to feel safe and comfortable with your logistics provider?

En Transvolando We are specialists in the transport of heavy loads by road. This type of service is very specific and complex to execute. Safety in transport and on the circulatory route is essential.


Which vehicle suits you according to your load?

En Transvolando we have different heavy duty trucks. Depending on the weight of your cargo, we will use a type of fleet:

  • Carriage van: from 700 to 1.200 kilograms payload.

  • 2-axle light truck: from 1.200 to 3.500 kilograms payload.

  • Heavy 3-axle truck: from 3.500 to 13.000 kilograms payload.

  • Trailer: from 23.000 to 27.000 kilograms of payload.

If your heavy load is machinery, you may be more interested in the service of heavy machinery transportation. And if your merchandise weighs more than 27.000 Kg, we recommend you send it by Services espsocial.

Tips to save costs

From Transvolando we can offer you to combine your heavy load lightly so you can save costs on your shipments. You just have to contact us to offer you the best price. In the same way you can choose to choose an exclusive trailer to make your Full load, saving shipping costs.

What should a company specialized in the transport of heavy loads by road have?

En Transvolando we offer you all kinds of transport and loads of material and machinery. We have a large fleet of vehicles and trucks that allow us to manage all kinds of heavy loads and large volume.

El transport of heavy loads by road has become one of the safest and most efficient methods for logistics of large loads.

There are several factors to take into account when choosing your heavy load transport company, from the type of fleet, number of vehicles to the preparation of the carriers are very relevant factors to carry out the transport of heavy loads properly.

  • Vehicles with approved fixing systems to secure the load.
  • Experienced drivers capable of maneuvering high volume loads.
  • Knowledge of the best routes for the development of logistics and fulfill the delivery without incident.

These and other factors make it possible for you to trust a large cargo logistics company.

How to hire heavy load transport by road?

We recommend that you contact the company first and make sure of the availability and suitability of the vehicle fleet for your type of cargo.

Second, ask for a budget to avoid surprises. Contact the supplier and transport company to determine the origin of the cargo, destination and pick-up and delivery times. You can calculate the budget quickly or wait for a response from the transport agency.

En Transvolando We recommend the use of our shipping calculator to have a budget in less than 1 minute.


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