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Groupage or break bulk is a service that consists of renting only a part of the truck for your shipments, thus sharing costs with other companies. In addition to taking care of your pocket, you will take care of the environment by reducing CO2.

What goods can I transport in national groupage transport?

From pallets to bundles, tie downs, machinery, trunks, pipes… We can transport anything you can imagine. We handle and carry out both national and international groupage services.

When is it beneficial to hire this type of transportation?

When you have a load of up to 10 meters (24 European pallets or 20 American pallets). If your load is higher, we recommend the following service
Full Load.

What do I have to take into account?

  • Measurements: a complete truck has a capacity of 13.60 meters long, 2.45 meters wide and 2.70 meters high. If your merchandise needs more space, we recommend you the
    Special Transports.

  • Delivery times: groupage transport

  • Less than 600Km in less than 24 hours

  • More than 600Km, from 48 hours.

Definition of Groupage Transportation

Groupage or groupage transport is the way to manage the cargo by grouping it in the same container and ship it to different destinations within a similar route. It is a widely used distribution system in road transport that saves costs and reduces pollution.

Groupage transport is cargo of any volume that is shipped together with other goods in the same truck.

Unless the goods are particularly dangerous or perishable, virtually any type of cargo can be shipped by this method of transport. From Transvolando we help our customers to save on their domestic and international transports by using this type of service. Our experts analyze your needs and the characteristics of your goods, optimize the shipping routes and thus achieve cost savings. Of course, this does not affect the fact that we deliver the goods to their destination according to the agreed deadlines.

Easily transport multiple items in one shipment, including palettes, packages, machinery, and more! We can accommodate almost any cargo except hazardous materials. It must be taken into account that a transport with these characteristics is recommended when the load does not exceed 10 meters, or in other words, about 24 European pallets or 20 American pallets. If your merchandise is larger, you will have to use our full load service.

Groupage Advantages

Its main advantages are twofold: on the one hand, savings, since by renting only part of the truck, the cost of the service is shared among all the other companies that carry cargo in the vehicle. In other words, we use the vehicle in an efficient way, but always guaranteeing the safety of the transported goods and saving on shipments, since you only pay for the volume occupied.

The other major advantage has to do with the environment, as the truck’s capacity is supplemented with different loads for the same trip, considerably reducing CO2 emissions. With these two great advantages on the table, it is not surprising that groupage management is one of Transvolando‘s most demanded services. Customers of all types, from small retailers to multinational manufacturers and importers choose us.

The punctuality and savings in route times are considerable since it manages the merchandise of several companies within the same route. This also reduces pollution.

How to contract National or International Groupage

Contact Transvolando for fleet availability. It informs of the routes to know an estimate of the dates of service and feasibility. It informs the type of merchandise and volume to determine the vehicle that best suits the needs of the shipment. Finally, request a quotation for your shipment.

Why choose International Groupage transport?

As soon as you read the following advantages you will know why choosing international groupage transport is the best option for both companies and carriers. Undoubtedly, it is a highly recommended solution that allows optimizing the use of truck fleets of companies specialized in road transport as we are in Transvolando, and provides a quality logistics solution to all types of companies that ship goods.

Offers greater flexibility in shipping

International groupage transport offers greater flexibility in shipments than a regular transport service, since carriers can make different stops along the way to unload the goods of different customers, and also thanks to this methodology of groupage transport, you will not have to wait to have enough goods to complete an entire truck, so it is a good solution for those times when you need to send an incomplete batch of your products.

Significant logistical savings

For a company to be profitable, it must make maximum savings in all aspects, which is why international groupage transport is an optimal solution for shipments of all types of companies, as it represents a significant logistical saving by sharing the cost of the transport service with more customers.

Ensuring that goods travel safely at all times

In this mode of transport, the goods remain in the truck for a short period of time and do not need to be stored, so that, since they do not have to be handled several times, they run less risk of being damaged or damaged.

A plus for the environment

At Transvolando we are committed to taking care of our planet, and international groupage transport offers a plus for the environment, because thanks to this solution we avoid the circulation of several incomplete trucks on our roads. By making fewer differentiated transfers, there will be fewer vehicles emitting polluting gases into our environment.

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