Decontaminating the Future: The EU’s Historic Agreement to Clean Up Trucks

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European Parliament and the Council of the EU for truck decontamination.

This agreement represents a political consensus between two of the key institutions of the EU, the European Parliament and the Council of the EU.” This indicates strong political backing for the truck decontamination agenda of the land transportation and provides a clear legislative framework for the implementation of specific measures.

Polluting truck


New targets for reducing emissions

An ambitious target is set to reduce CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks and buses. These targets include a 45% reduction by 2030, a 65% reduction by 2035, and a 90% reduction by 2040 compared to 2019, demonstrating ongoing commitment to long-term climate action. In addition to the established targets, a 15% reduction target for 2025 has been maintained. This additional target reflects the urgency of addressing CO2 emissions in the short term and aligns with efforts to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. This reflects the commitment of the European Union (EU) to decontaminate the road transport sector.

According to the pact, a 7.5% reduction target for trailers and a 10% reduction target for semi-trailers are set from 2030 onwards.

Scope of the regulation’s validity

It has been agreed to extend the scope of the Regulation to include almost all new heavy-duty vehicles with certified CO2 emissions. This expansion ensures that a wider range of vehicles are subject to emission reduction targets.

Exemptions from complying with CO2 reduction targets have been established for certain specific cases. These exemptions will apply to:

  • Small manufacturers and vehicles used for mining, forestry, and agricultural purposes.
  • Vehicles intended for the armed forces and firefighting services.
  • Vehicles intended for civil protection, law enforcement, and medical care.

Truck decontamination assessment provision

The commission will conduct a review of the effectiveness and impact of the amended Regulation on the mentioned targets in 2027. This review will provide an opportunity to assess progress towards the CO2 emission reduction targets and determine if additional adjustments are needed to achieve these goals. Furthermore, the role of a methodology for registering heavy-duty vehicles that run exclusively on CO2-neutral fuels will be examined. This would include assessing how emissions from vehicles using CO2-neutral fuels can be properly accounted for and registered.

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