What is the DUA and how to fill it out?

Single Administrative Document (SAD)

Import and Export Operations

The SAD is a Single Administrative Document that is used as the main element in the international import and export service in commercial operations with third countries.

At customs, the dua is requested both at the exit and entry of the countries involved in this commercial operation. It is necessary to add the tax declaration to know if it is an import or export, information related to the cargo, value…

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In what situations should it be used?

According to the regulations, the dua must be used in the following cases:

  • Transport of goods outside the EEC, provided they are non-Community goods.
  • Transportation of goods, provided they are to be exported
  • Deep sea fishing products
  • Imported or exported goods from Ceuta and Melilla
  • All specific cases in community laws

Classification according to dua

Once the procedure is done online, the DUA document will be assigned a color at the customs:

  • Green: Indicates that the merchandise is in order and can continue on its way.
  • Orange: Means that they have to check the documentation at customs.
  • Yellow: The goods are going to be inspected by Health, Veterinary or Phytosanitary and the corresponding agency must intervene in each case so that the corresponding customs can release the goods.
  • Red: Customs has to check both the goods and the documentation to verify that what has been declared is what we are importing or exporting.
How to fill out the document?

In order to carry out a transit operation, the dua document must be completed and delivered to customs. The numbers to be filled in are as follows:

If you carry out transit operations, you must fill in number 1 and deliver it to customs, number 4 for the customs office of destination and number 5 to return the merchandise if it is necessary to return to the country of origin with the cargo.

When importing any product, fill in number 6 for import customs and number 8 for the customer.

If exports are made, fill in number 1, number 3 to the customer and number 4 to justify to customs that the goods are of community character.

The dua is essential for non-EU transports. The regulations indicate that it must be completed by both the carrier and the importer who is to receive the cargo.

This document will always be requested, no matter how small the merchandise is. The Tax Agency controls the dates of entry and exit of the merchandise and the time it takes to reach its destination, since it carries out its own tracking.

If there is no record of the goods leaving customs, the carrier will be penalized for committing an administrative offence. In Spain, there is a tenacious control of the goods thanks to the document that we are describing in these questions by any transport agency. In other words, ignorance of this rule of filling out the dua does not exempt from its compliance.

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