Special road transport: Specific vehicles

Special vehicles for special road transport.

When we talk about special road haulage we mean all
those in which the load to be carried exceeds the weight or dimensions of the
which are allowed as maximum under the Vehicle Regulations.

Its special status lies precisely in its weight and weight characteristics.
dimensions, which make it impossible to transport them with vehicles
conventional systems, but requires specific equipment capable of ensuring the
the integrity of both the goods and the vehicle and tangible property surrounding it.

Most common needs

This type of special road transport is very important for industry and industry.
construction works, which require the movement of materials or machinery with
weights and dimensions that are out of the standard. It is also what businesses need.
renewable energies to move turbines, blades or solar panels.

In order to ensure that the necessary movement and handling of the goods are carried out with total
safety and ensuring its integrity, a specific type of equipment is required, which is
to vary according to the specific needs of the load.

Types of trucks for special transport

There are many models depending on the dimensions and their specific characteristics, and they can be grouped into two specific types of trucks.

Gondola Trucks

Orange and black gondola truck

Platform trucks or gondola trucks are trucks that carry a special type of trailer to be able to transport heavy goods and dimensions. They are widely used to transport agricultural or construction machinery.

The trailers of these trucks have different dimensions from the traditional ones, and have a specific reinforcement at the base to be able to support the load without damaging the axle.

Depending on the dimensions and maximum load they can carry, we can find different models.

Crane trucks

Truck cranes are those that carry incorporated a crane to facilitate the movement and mobilization of the load. They are used when the handling of a type of goods is required which, because of its size or weight, cannot be handled in any other way.

As in the previous case, depending on the needs of the load, there are different truck cranes.

Other equipment used in special transport

In order to carry out the different types of handling of the goods, whether loading and unloading or packing inside the truck, other external equipment is often required to ensure that the goods are handled with the highest guarantees of safety and that there is no human or material damage to other elements, such as the vehicle carrying them.

Heavy lift cranes

When truck cranes are not used but bulky goods need to be handled, external cranes are used to lift the load and deposit it in a convenient location. Depending on the weight and dimensions of the goods, one crane model or another will be required.

Typically, the tonnage they can handle is much higher than in conventional cranes.

Forklifts and other special handling equipment

In order to successfully complete all types of movements and mobilizations of heavy loads, there are special trucks that can transport them from the place where they are located to the loading area.

Given the characteristics of the goods, this equipment is usually reinforced at the base, and can support large tonnages in a small area.

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