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Vehicle transport in Spain is currently a growing market segment. The motor sector is one of the most important in our country, since around 100,000 new vehicles are registered every month. In a list of 35 countries worldwide, Spain is among the top ten in terms of new passenger car registrations, and this is thanks to the fact that, in the last two years, we have been able to see an evolution in vehicle sales, contributing little by little to the economic improvement of our country.

The largest presence of the engine in the Iberian Peninsula is in Madrid, Castilla y León, Catalonia, Valencia, Galicia, Aragón, Navarra and the Basque Country. Therefore, all these companies, once the production process is finished, need transportation to the rest of the peninsula where they have their different concessionaires in order to distribute their products, that is to say, they need to have specialized professionals to carry out the road transportation of their vehicles.

Growth of vehicle transportation in Spain

Since 2015, we have noticed in Spain a growth in the automotive sector, we can say that, per minute, 5.5 cars are manufactured in our country. In the same way, the transport of machinery is increasing in its different versions: agricultural, large volume or for construction.

According to a report published by the Association of Automobiles and Trucks (Anfac), which deals with the Valuation of the Logistics of Vehicles by road, the transport of vehicles in Spain has increased, which reflects an improvement in the automotive sector, and is that, in 2016 already began to appreciate an increase in the sale of new vehicles in our country, with an increase of 11%. In addition, the factories managed to increase their production by 5.8%.

This study gathers information on the distribution of new vehicles produced in the different factories in Spain and reveals that the volume of new vehicles has been transported 3.9% more by road within our borders.

This required more than 300,000 trucks to transport the vehicles to their new locations.

On the other hand, some 900,000 new vehicles were transported internationally by road, a 3% drop compared to previous years, and this is due to the increase in maritime transport of new vehicles to international destinations.

Now that you know about the current situation of road vehicle transport in Spain, do not hesitate to count on Transvolando.

European panorama and new challenges in peninsular freight transport

Undoubtedly, in Spain we still have some unresolved issues to resolve in land freight transport. According to statistical data, in the rest of Europe rail freight accounts for 15-18% of total land transport. Factors such as the extensive rail infrastructure network are probably one of the most important arguments for understanding this figure.

For its part, road freight transport must take advantage of the boom it is experiencing and apply the latest advances in innovation and development. This way we can turn it into a more efficient and less polluting means of transportation. In short, no medium is 100% good or 100% bad. The important thing, and what is really interesting, is to try to take advantage of the synergies that can be found between them. In fact, and as we pointed out before, land freight transport by train has a high intermodality characteristic. Precisely for this reason, it is a good option to cover large stages of the journey that end with road transport to the final destination.

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