The ROTT regulates road transport in Spain

Once again on our blog we bring you the latest news from the transport sector. In this case, we will tell you what the New Land Transport Regulation (ROTT) consists of.

When will the new ROTT come into force?

The new ROTT is expected to come into force this February, after having been postponed for several years.

The postponement to include the new aspects of the Land Transport Regulation is due to political and institutional issues.

The Ministry of Public Works wanted the amendments to be in force as of January 1, 2019. But the Council of State had not been able to process and issue the report needed to approve the new regulations.

And now it seems that everything is already under way and we can learn about the latest developments in the land transport regulation.

Thanks to the new ROTT, the minimum requirements for formalities in transport companies will be regulated.As well as the documentation required for operations and their administrative procedures, and the sanctioning procedure.

What are the main modifications it includes?

There are several points included in the new Land Transport Regulation. Access to this sector is regulated, following the opinion of the European Court of Justice last February.

And we want to highlight the main modifications included in the new ROTT.

Minimum academic level

In order to be part of a road transport company, a minimum academic level is required. They must be in possession, at least, of the Baccalaureate or of a Vocational Training Certificate of Intermediate Degree.

Post of transport manager

It is essential that there be a real and reliable link between the holder of the certificate of professional competence and the holder of the transport undertaking. And he will have the position of transport manager, who will develop his business activity on a full-time basis. He will also be responsible for supervising each of the company’s areas.

Regulation of the loss of good repute requirement

The new ROTT provides for the regulation of the requirement of loss of good repute. This means that in the event of a very serious infringement or a combination of three serious infringements, the validity of transport authorisations will be abolished for a whole year.

Abolition of the minimum fleet requirement in the new Land Transport Regulation

Another new feature of the ROTT is the abolition of the minimum fleet requirement.

A minimum number of vehicles will no longer be required to enter the land transport sector. It used to be three lorries in the case of freight companies and five buses in the case of passenger transport.

Now that you know which are the most relevant inclusions of the new Land Transport Regulation, what do you think about it? At Transvolando we will be happy to hear your opinion.

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