After everything we have mentioned in the last posts, do you want to know how to make a contract with a transport company?

Any contract that is made with a transport company comes in relation to the agreements previously agreed either by their specifications of timetables, types of vehicle to be carried out on the route, penalties… In other words, everything that includes the transport that is going to be carried out with the goods.

There are many conditions that can be agreed in a contract, that is why at Transvolando we have created packages that include conditions applicable to each of your needs according to the trip you are going to make with the type of vehicle you need.

The types of packages we can contract are detailed below:

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Contract of parcels in transport company

You can make this contract with Transvolando as a transport company, as it focuses on groupage transport, and is divided into three packages: basic, standard and premium.

Depending on the type of package you choose, it will have some features or others because for example the basic package is recommended only for return trips which are those that must return to the place of origin.

The standard package also has the peculiarity that they are return trucks, but with the difference that they are in different provinces and are diverted to pick up your cargo.

And finally, in the premium package, they are trucks that come out exclusively for you and your load, meaning these types of trucks are usually hired when the merchandise is a little special. When do we know if our merchandise is special? When you have a specific schedule, if you require loading/unloading methods for a particular vehicle, etc.

You can look for a contract with a transport company, but at Transvolando we offer you on our terms to choose one of the three packages that best suit your needs.

Depending on the type of vehicle you are going to use you will have some conditions or others, as they change whether you are going to use a tauliner, a rigid or a gondola truck.

Why trust Transvolando?

Not only do we offer you transport, but we also offer you a service.

  • Personalized attention
  • Order tracking to be informed in real time
  • Order processing and assistance in everything necessary to guarantee the highest guarantee and make the work easier for our customers
  • Notifications by email of the collection and delivery of the goods
  • Cloud storage service for bills of sale, certificates, invoices, permits…

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