Hiring a freight transport company

Do you want to ship within your province, nationally or to another country? Is the merchandise big or small? What are its dimensions? When it comes to hiring, the transport company you choose is very important because it has to be able to suit all your needs.

What do I need to know when hiring a transport company?

This is quite a significant factor, as we must not only look at the prices, but also at the good service they can offer us.
Before we start looking for a transport company, we need to know which factors influence us when it comes to being able to filter between them:

  • Product Value: Know the value of the product we are going to send to know the value we are going to involve in it, or if it is also influenced by an emotional factor.
  • Product characteristics: It is important to know the characteristics as approximate, if not exact, of the goods to be shipped in order to be able to make the most realistic estimate possible.
  • Budget: It is advisable to ask for a budget in advance to make an estimate of what it may cost to transport the goods.
  • Delivery times: Knowing the delivery times I have for both loads and unloads is an important information that I must provide to the carriers so that there are no future inconveniences.
  • Documentation: If the trip is international, make sure you have the necessary documentation to know that everything is in order.

What steps should we take to hire a transport company?

To hire a transport company, we must contact their customer service and provide the following information:

  • Origin Data: All information related to the origin data of the merchandise.
  • Destination data: Information about the final destination of the goods.
  • Goods: Characteristics of the goods, i.e. whether they are coils, building material, etc.
  • Weight of the merchandise.
  • Measurements of the merchandise.
  • Truck: Once we have the characteristics of the goods, weight and measurements we will have to determine the type of truck we are going to use for the shipment of the goods, as well as where the truck will unload, since we can count on side, rear or roof unloading.
  • Means of loading/unloading: Indicate whether at places of loading and unloading there are means for loading the goods or should be provided by the carrier.

Why hire Transvolando as a transport company?

When it comes to hiring a transport company, we are a good choice because not only do we have competitive prices, but we focus on offering, above all, a good service.
We have three types of packages depending on the vehicle to be hired and the needs to be covered by the client.

Basic package

It’s about returning trucks. These trucks are the ones that have to return to the place of origin from where they left, so they are usually the most economical.

Standard package

They are also returning trucks, but there is a difference and it is that they are in different provinces and we divert them to collect your merchandise.

Premium package

These are trucks that go out exclusively for the customer and for the cargo that he hires, this type of trucks are hired when the merchandise is a little special. For example, when loading and unloading are at a specific time, when loading and unloading methods are for a special type of truck, etc.

Form of payment

Payment is made before booking the trip. However, we have the option of opening a line of credit where the customer can make the payment within 30 or 60 days.

Factors to consider when hiring a transport company

  1. One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a transport company is the price and quality of service. While it’s important to find a service that fits your budget, you also need to make sure that the company offers a reliable, high-quality service to ensure your shipments arrive on time and without damage.
  2. When contacting a transport company, it is important to provide all the relevant information to ensure you get the best possible service. This includes details on the origin and destination of the cargo, the characteristics of the cargo, weight and dimensions, the type of truck required and the facilities for loading and unloading.
  3. Transvolando is an excellent choice for those looking for transportation services due to its competitive prices and its focus on providing good customer service. In addition to reasonable rates, Transvolando offers package options that are tailored to the specific needs of each customer, from basic to premium options.
  4. When choosing a transport service, it is also important to consider the safety and protection of the cargo. Industry-leading companies offer special security measures to ensure that goods reach their destination in perfect condition.
  5. In terms of payment, most transport companies require payment in advance. However, it is also possible to find companies that offer credit options for regular customers or for special orders. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of payment before hiring a transport company to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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