The road haulage document, also called CMR, affirms the existence of a contract of carriage between two companies and ensures its correct use.

Also, it is used as proof or receipt of delivery conformity for the carrier.

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What information must be filled out on a road freight transport document?

The document of carriage of goods by road contains information that is subject to the rights and objects of the contract, which is as follows:

  • Date and place of fulfillment of the CMR
  • Information and address of sender, carrier and recipient
  • Description of goods
  • Means of transportation
  • Place of loading, unloading and delivery
  • Customs instructions (if necessary, as well as the necessary accompanying documentation).

What documentation do all vehicles have to carry?

All vehicles must always carry the following documents in order to transport goods:

Vehicle documentation

The vehicle’s documentation is always essential for the transport of goods. It is as follows:

  • Valid driver’s license.
  • ITV Technical Data Sheet
  • Insurance of the vehicle: Documentation that accredits it or receipt of being up to date of payments.
  • Transport card or authorization: Authorization that allows carriers to carry out transport operations on behalf of others.
  • Certificate of approval: Documentation required for all ADR vehicles, as it certifies that the vehicle complies with the requirements for the transport of such goods.

Carrier’s documentation

The documentation to be carried by the carrier is as follows:

  • Driving license: According to the type of vehicle being driven, taking into account weight and dimensions.
  • Passport or ID card
  • Digital discs: The carrier must have its disc history for the day in question and the previous 28 days provided the vehicle has a digital tachograph.
  • Special Authorization-Training Certificate: Document required to transport dangerous goods. This type of document certifies that the driver has the necessary training to transport such goods.

Cargo documentation

The documents required for the transportation of the cargo are:

  • Bill of lading: Document that indicates where the goods being transported are being taken to and their quantities.
  • Instructions for the carrier: Document only mandatory if we are talking about the transport of dangerous goods. If there is an accident involving this type of goods, they are necessary for the authorities.

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