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Do you want to hire freight shipping safely? We teach you the tricks to get! Es super sencillo.

When we have to ship our goods, we always want to do it safely, so we have to think about the method of contracting in order to be able to evaluate the possibilities we have in order to be able to meet with certain companies in the sectors in order to be able to contract them.

Deciding on the modality to contract the shipment of goods can become tedious, since you do not know what values to rely on to make a decision. Transport is one of the strong points because you have to deal with the load very carefully and the times have to be very calculated when making the trips, that is, they can not be taken lightly.

What should we consider when hiring?

The main variables that we must take into account when contracting a shipment of goods are two: the load and the route. Another factor to take into account is the shipping times of the goods, but that most of the time will depend on the two factors we have just commented on above.

Advice when contracting a shipment of goods

When it comes to hiring the shipment in a secure way, the first thing we need to do is make sure who we are hiring, not only for the journey to be made, but also for the type of truck you are going to use and the means you have for loading and/or unloading the truck once you are at your destination.

Another point to take into account is to read well the conditions of the contract that is going to be made with the transport company, since at all times we must deal with transparent companies and not look for the cheapest trips, because it could bring us possible problems that contracting a clear and concise company would not bring us.

For example, if you want to make a trip from Barcelona to Madrid or Madrid to Barcelona, if all the companies are offering you rates that are around 500€ or 600€ for making the trip and suddenly a company offers you a 350€, you should evaluate because it is offering you such an abysmal difference to the rest and evaluate what are the conditions that it offers you different to the rest.

Also, it is necessary to look if we are in front of a serious company and look at all the conditions that we propose in your contract, as well as look at their reviews on Google to get an idea of how they have been their previous experiences to us and to assess whether we will be satisfied with their services.

Why hire Transvolando to ship goods?

Since 2015, various companies have been contacting us to arrange shipment or multiple shipments of their goods. They can rely on us. We are here for all their needs, and if any issues arise, we resolve them as soon as possible.

Our traffic agents are available for any questions that may arise, and our sales representatives are there to guide them in organizing the trip and determining which package suits them best.

We must not include small print in the contracts, that is the main basis of the trust deposited by our clients and our packages.

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