Investing in sustainable transportation

What is known today as a sustainable means of transport?Sustainable transport arises from the need to look for a more environmentally friendly approach to the most used means of transport, thus reducing their impact on the environment.

What does it mean to reduce environmental impact? It means reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible, because they affect not only the ecosystem, but also our health directly or indirectly.

Sustainable transport seeks to reduce as much as possible all social, climatic and environmental impacts that may occur at global level. So, for road, air or water transport, a set of guidelines can be established to enable these journeys to be made successfully and with sustainable energy sources.

How can we measure the sustainability of a trip? It can be calculated, generally, by the effectiveness and efficiency of such a journey.

Why should we care about using sustainable transport on every journey? Not only because of the environmental impact or because we can help with its efficiency, but because in the short term it saves fuel and reduces pollutant emissions from vehicles.

Why should transportation be more sustainable?

Every day, with the involvement of many companies and society, many decisions are being made regarding the impact that must be made on the environment in order to make travel more effective and efficient.

Planning and optimisation of routes for sustainable transport

There are many modes of transport, such as the railways, which are becoming increasingly important in terms of logistics. Even so, road transport remains the main mode of transport used to carry all types of goods.

The planning and optimisation of transport routes, always counting on the reduction of environmental impacts, generates a benefit not only for society, but also for the transport itself, as we have already mentioned, by saving fuel, reducing emissions of harmful substances, etc.

Efficient automotive industry

Gradually, society is becoming aware of the need to reduce polluting loads from vehicles and hence from fuels, in order to achieve more efficient transport.

Does this mean less consumption? Yes! In the market we have products such as biodiesel.

What is biodiesel? It’s a naturally sourced fuel, much cleaner than traditional diesel, and it’s renewable! All studies indicate that this type of fuel reduces emissions of harmful substances such as CO2… According to the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, it can be reduced by 57% to 86%.


Do we have to worry only about sustainable transport and fuel? No! We also have to worry about the environment.

The well-known greenways are being built, which are being built with the aim of producing the least possible impact on the environment.

To build this type of track, not only factors such as the environment, but factors such as the materials to be used must be taken into account. To build this type of track, not only factors such as the environment, but factors such as the materials to be used must be taken into account.


This standard establishes an environmental management system in which it manages and reviews the reduction of processes that take place in a company with an impact on the environment.

What does it mean that a company has this certificate? The fact that a company holds this certificate indicates that it integrates environmental management into the management of its organisation, i.e. that it focuses one of its achievements and objectives on meeting its environmental objectives to prevent or reduce negative impacts and to establish continuous improvement for the environment and the reduction of emissions.

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