We know what freight forwarding is, but what exactly is industrial freight forwarding?

The transport of industrial goods is considered special transport because it requires a very good planning, because it consists of a wide and diverse range of variety that make up their products and characteristics of each and every one of them.

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What does this mean? This means that it does not have a classification as such, i.e., it is not a strict classification since they can be very diverse according to their typology.

  • Materials: cement, metal, chemicals…
  • Machinery: excavators, agricultural, cranes…
  • Assembly: All those parts that make up an assembly line, such as, for example, aluminum profiles, tires…

The transport of industrial goods is carried out by land, sea or air, always depending on the type of cargo, destination, product characteristics and delivery times.

Before carrying out these transports, it is necessary to evaluate and organize which is the best option to transport the merchandise and to see if the transport is national or international. International shipments of industrial goods are generally shipped by sea or air, i.e. ships and airplanes.

It must be taken into account that, in the case of hazardous goods, such as chemical products, they must be properly labeled, packaged and stored.

What types of vehicles are used to transport industrial goods?

In the case of iron transport, it is necessary to use vehicles that open roof and sides. For paper in rolls it is advisable to transport it in vehicles that open on the side to be able to use mechanical bulls to unload the goods. For pallets it is usually unloaded on docks so it is advisable to unload at the rear and to prevent the goods from getting wet, it is best to use a tauliner.

It is necessary to know well what is being manufactured and which is the material to be transported, in order to know which is the best vehicle to be able to carry out the transport from the place of loading to the place of unloading with the least possible inconvenience.

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