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Transporte de Mercadorias Industriais

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Industrial goods transportation is a specialized type of transportation that requires meticulous planning due to the diversity of products and their characteristics. It doesn’t have a strict classification, as it covers a wide variety of items, including:

  • Materials: such as cement, metal, and chemicals.
  • Machinery: such as excavators, agricultural equipment, and cranes.
  • Assembly components: like aluminum profiles and tires used in assembly lines.

This type of transportation can be carried out by road, sea, or air, depending on the type of cargo, the destination, the product’s characteristics, and delivery deadlines.

When it comes to international shipments of industrial goods, shipping or air transportation is generally chosen, using ships and planes. It is essential to consider that, in the case of dangerous goods, such as chemicals, they need to be properly labeled, packaged, and stored.

Que tipos de veículos são utilizados para o transporte de mercadorias industriais?

When transporting iron, it’s important to use vehicles with roofs and sides that can be opened. In the case of paper rolls, it’s recommended to use vehicles that allow side opening for easy unloading with forklifts. For pallet transportation, unloading is usually done at docks, so it’s convenient to use vehicles with rear unloading capability. Additionally, to protect the cargo from rain, it’s advisable to opt for a tauliner vehicle.

Red pallet truck

É necessário saber o que está a ser fabricado e qual é o material a ser transportado, a fim de saber qual é o melhor veículo para poder efectuar o transporte do local de carga para o local de descarga com o menor inconveniente possível.

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