What is heavy freight transport?

What is heavy transport?

Before we talk about what heavy goods or heavy load transport consists of, we should talk a little about the type of vehicles that can be used. The exact definition of these vehicles is a “motor vehicle intended for the transport of goods whose maximum authorized mass exceeds 3.5 tons .”

Transporting heavy loads is not very common in all companies, since it requires not only the vehicle to be transported, but also a good coordination between the client, the company and the carrier.

Often, it is necessary to transport agricultural machinery, so the service depends a lot on adverse conditions that cannot be fully foreseen. This is the reason why a team of experts in this type of travel is needed to avoid possible mishaps.

Our purpose as a company is not to provide a service that is neither economical nor expensive, but we base ourselves on choosing a service that adapts to the specific needs of each client.

There are many ways to transport heavy loads, but the most common is by truck.

This type of transport is used to ship very heavy materials, as it is a type of transport that requires great delicacy because in a single trip, a small error can cause considerable damage to the goods. For this reason, a lot of attention and delicacy is required and from our facilities we try to maintain frequent contact with the carriers in order to have an exhaustive control of the merchandise, even on the road.

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What types of vehicles are in heavy transport?

According to the classification of vehicles of the Dirección General de Tráfico we can resort to:

  • Truck: Automobile with four or more wheels designed exclusively for the transport of goods, whose cab is not integrated with the rest of the bodywork. It has a maximum of 9 seats, including the driver, and is considered a heavy vehicle if its Maximum Authorized Mass exceeds 3,500 kgs.
  • Trailer: A non-self-propelled vehicle designed to be towed by a motor vehicle.
  • Semi-trailer: Non-self-propelled vehicle designed to be coupled to an automobile. To be considered a heavy vehicle, its Maximum Authorized Mass must exceed 3,500 kgs.
  • Articulated vehicle: Known as trailer. It is a set of vehicles consisting of a motor vehicle to which a semi-trailer is coupled. It is considered heavy if its Maximum Authorized Mass exceeds 3,500 kgs.

What kind of cargo can be transported?

Different types of heavy goods transport can be used:

  • Heavy machinery: It is used to transport agricultural, driving, industrial machinery ….
  • Freight: Transportation services of heavy goods, generally from commerce, such as building materials, etc.

This type of vehicle requires a flatbed trailer or that the maximum load of the vehicle to be used depending on its axles be taken into account, which is as follows:

  • Two axles: maximum weight of 18,000 kg
  • Three axles: maximum weight of 25 tons
  • Four axles: cannot exceed 31 tons.

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How do we plan a heavy transport?

When a customer contracts a service, we usually perform the following steps:

  • Make a list of the shipments to be made (in case there is more than one).
  • Check the location and directions for loading and unloading
  • Look for a suitable vehicle for the transport of such goods
  • Calculate times to avoid delivery delays
  • Notify the carrier of the conditions of the trip so as to be prepared.

We always have to take into account all the specifications that are indicated to us at the time of loading as well as the price of transportation cards service in the best possible way and always providing the best possible service to our customers. support to our customer for your complete satisfaction and a most fruitful delivery.

So once we have all this in mind and if we have planned all the above, let ‘s hit the road!

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