International Express Transport Service?

As we pointed out in a previous post, international shipping is a “term we use to describe the delivery of a good from a country of origin to another country as a destination.” But what exactly is urgent international transport?

We have extensive experience in exporting and importing goods internationally by land, sea or air.

We also have a large fleet of vehicles and qualified agents who are dedicated to saving time to be able to deliver the goods on time, as soon as possible.

What do we offer for urgent international transport?

  • Dedicated to transport with an international service at European level
  • Shortest possible delivery times depending on the destination of the goods
  • Continuously updated computer system to notify you in real time of the tracking of your order
  • Urgent transport of dangerous goods or goods with special conditions (refrigeration platforms, etc.)
  • Possibility of full truck or shipment by groupages
  • Transport of palletized cargo
  • Increased speed and agility in transport
  • Direct shipment

Increasingly, companies are expanding at a faster level and the need for globalization is being resorted to. That is why there is a growing trend towards international transport of goods to other countries, both import and export, in order to meet the requirements of customers emerging across borders.

International road transportation

Choose the shipping method you prefer: complete or groupage.

And we’re on our way!

At all times, we think about the disposition and peace of mind of our client for the transport of goods, in which our team focuses on giving you the best service to be able to offer you a journey No worries. We constantly update our system, so that you are aware of the state of your journey without the need for you to worry or to be on top or even to wonder where your merchandise is.

As we already commented in a previous post, we have two travel modalities that can be hired:

  • Transport by consignment, i.e. possible journeys
  • Continuous transport, which implies a commitment on the part of both parties for the correct work and coordination of teams for an effective and trouble-free work.

Orange picture books What documentation is required?

For proper intra-Community transport, we must have the following documentation:

  • T1: Used for the transport of non-Community goods from one point to another in the customs territory. In other words, it is used with goods that are not imported from the European Union. With this document, the payment of import VAT and other payments is guaranteed.
  • T2: Used for the transport of Community goods.
  • TIR Carnet: Carnet for transport outside the European Union, i.e. it is required if one or more borders between countries have to be crossed. This document simplifies the paperwork, as the goods do not need to be inspected and reduces the time needed to reach their destination earlier.

In order to have the TIR Carnet, it is necessary to have the Certificate of TIR Agreement stipulating conformity in order to be able to carry out the transport of goods. It is valid for 2 years.

  • ATA carnet: This is a temporary document for the admission of goods, i.e. it can be issued temporarily to carry out international transport on a temporary basis, without paying VAT or customs duties. With this document, goods can be transported across other borders and then returned to their country of origin within a maximum of 12 months.

Such documents are not required within the European Union.

White question symbol on orange background Tips from Transvolando!

For urgent transport at international level, TRANSVOLANDO recommends hiring a full truck, because if it is carried out by groupage, delivery on time cannot be guaranteed as many external factors are involved.

If you opt for the option of groupage shipping, we have warehouses at international level so that you can save costs in shipping such goods and we can reduce the timing of trips and deliveries for a journey as short as possible. We always try to offer you the best experience from our agility and constant support in our offices and with our drivers in the vehicle.

If the shipment is carried out by full truck, our extensive network of carriers covers approximately 1000 km per day. So we are talking about fairly efficient transport when we talk about touring the European map. For example, if we make a journey from Madrid to Poland, it takes up to 72 hours for the goods to be unloaded. We are talking about making an urgent international transport in just 72 hours.

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