Transportation, a sector in constant growth

The freight transportation sector has had an increase in the economy thanks to the gradual growth it has experienced in recent years. This is due to the change in the way consumers shop and the emergence of e-commerce, which is one of the main factors behind its steady growth.

At the national level, the transportation and logistics sector employs more than one million people. has grown by 2.7%. according to INE in the last year, and represent a 8% of GDP and have a representation of 12% of Gross Value Added in the service sector.

What does logistics represent in economic growth?

Logistics represents one of the drivers of economic growth in the sector thanks to e-commerce, since user convenience and home delivery are creating more and more needs that must be met to offer a good service to the end consumer.

Big brands are served by this chain, since the functionality of a product is served by the opinion and satisfaction of the end consumer, so you have to create a network that offers a good service and have companies that can offer all kinds of services for the transport of goods.

Thanks to the growth in the transport sector, the option is offered of not needing our own logistics points in each population center, but we can take advantage of the logistics capacity of the warehouse provided by our transport company, i.e., we can distribute all the goods from the same logistics platform. This is an advance, since you can count on groupage transport and take your products to any point of the peninsula.

It should be noted that this need has been gradually created by e-commerce due to home delivery and wholesale sales. For this reason, large brands must have a transport company in Madrid and in the large industrial centers in order to distribute the goods in the most efficient way possible.

How important is the transportation sector in our economy?

The logistics sector is a strategic point in the Spanish economy. According to the Ministry of Transport, as of August 2021, there are currently 120,069 movements of authorizations in freight transport management.

During the confinement suffered at the beginning of last year, thanks to transportation, e-commerce benefited and became possible as products continued to reach consumers while the rest of the establishments remained closed, as well as arriving in the food sector, etc.

Thanks to the growth observed in recent years, Spanish logistics is expected to grow significantly, along with the growth of e-commerce, in order to offer a better service to the end consumer.

How much does a shipment cost?

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