Transport and Infrastructure Safety Report

On this occasion, at Transvolando, we will tell you all about the Transport and Infrastructure Safety report.

This article outlines a series of measures to enhance the protection within the transportation sector. Although we have a secure system, there are always aspects that can be improved.

Ministry of Public Works:

Transport and Infrastructure Safety Report

The Ministry of Public Works has prepared a comprehensive report on safety in transport and infrastructure. This report, which has been presented to the Council of Ministers for review and approval, stems from a detailed analysis of safety in the transport system in Spain, covering roads, ports, maritime rescue, railways, and airports.

The primary objective of this report is to improve safety in transport to prevent illegal behaviors that could jeopardize system users. This is essential not only to ensure the safety of workers but also for all stakeholders involved in transportation.

The report’s authors emphasize the importance of ensuring a high level of safety in transport and infrastructure, which, in turn, will contribute to achieving more efficient mobility. Furthermore, it is emphasized that in recent years, there has been a neglect in the conservation and maintenance of roads and railways. This is particularly relevant because climate change has a direct influence on the state of the roads.

Main objectives of the Transport and Infrastructure Safety Report

The main objectives of the Transport and Infrastructure Safety Report are:

  • Enhancing the safety of Spanish transport networks
  • Strengthen the security systems of direct centres and entities under the Ministry of Development
  • Organize security plans with a strong legal framework and integrate and centralize information
  • Integrating technological innovations into security systems to ensure their effectiveness.

Proposed measures to enhance Transport and Infrastructure Safety

More than sixty proposed measures to enhance Transport and Infrastructure Safety will help reduce incidents and accidents. And they are organized into eight strategic axes:

  • Firstly, there is an emphasis on strengthening investment in security: There are plans to increase the investment allocated to security.
  • Secondly, there is a focus on expanding supervisory organizations and control: Efforts will be made to strengthen entities responsible for overseeing and controlling transportation systems and infrastructure.

  • Thirdly, there is an attempt to increase technical investigations in the event of accidents. More resources are intended to be allocated to technical investigations when accidents occur.

  • Fourthly, there is a need to enhance security against illicit activities. Work will be done to improve security measures to prevent illegal activities in the sector.

  • Fifthly, regulatory measures are imposed. Additional rules will be implemented to ensure a high level of security.

  • Sixthly, efforts are directed towards improving operational management in emergencies and crises. The focus will be on optimizing response and management during emergency situations.”

  • Seventhly, there is an attempt to strengthen cybersecurity systems. Emphasis will be placed on digital security to prevent cyber attacks.

  • Eighthly, the focus is on R&D in security. Research, development, and innovation in the field of security will be promoted.

  • Finally, the promotion of a safety culture in the sector is encouraged. Awareness and commitment of all involved parties to maintain high safety standards will be incentivized.

To implement all these proposals, a total of €5,208.2 million will be used throughout this year.

What do you think about these measures to enhance safety in the transportation sector and its infrastructure?

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