Transport and Infrastructure Safety Report

This time at Transvolando we tell you all about the Transport and Infrastructure Safety report.

This dossier sets out a number of measures to improve the protection of the transport sector, and although we have a safe system, there are always areas for improvement.

The Ministry of Public Works and the Transport and Infrastructure Safety Report

The Ministry of Public Works has produced this report on Transport and Infrastructure Safety and has been submitted to the Council of Ministers for consideration and approval.

This initiative has been promoted after an exhaustive study on the security of the Spanish transport system. And to this end, roads, ports and sea rescue, railways, and airports have been analysed.

Safety will be improved to prevent illegal behaviour that may endanger uninformed transport users. Workers and all those involved in the transport and infrastructure system must feel safe.

The authors stress the importance of maximum transport and infrastructure security for good mobility. In recent years, not much has been invested in maintaining and maintaining the road and rail networks. Now is the time to pay attention to this aspect. It should be borne in mind that climate change has a direct impact on the condition of the roads.

Main objectives of the Transport and Infrastructure Safety Report

The main objectives of the Transport and Infrastructure Safety Report are:

  • Increasing the security of Spanish transport networks
  • Strengthen the security systems of direct centres and entities under the Ministry of Development
  • Organize security plans with a strong legal framework and integrate and centralize information
  • Include technological innovations in security systems to ensure their effectiveness.

Proposed measures to improve transport security

More than 60 measures are proposed to improve transport safety and infrastructure will help to reduce the number of mishaps and accidents. And they are organized into eight strategic axes:

  • Strengthening investment in security
  • Strengthen supervisory and control organisations. Increasing technical investigation in the event of accidents
  • Increasing security against unlawful acts
  • Policy measures
  • Improving operational management in emergencies and crises
  • Strengthening Cybersecurity Systems
  • R & D & I in security
  • Fostering a culture of safety in the sector

In order to meet all these proposals, 5,208.2 million euros will be invested in the course of this year.

What do you think about these measures to improve safety in the transport sector and its infrastructure?

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