How to make the right choice among transport and logistics companies in Madrid?

There is a growing need for optimal logistics management in freight transport. There are many logistics and transport companies in Madrid, but at Transvolando our logistics management is excellent and, therefore, we stand out from the competition.

The logistics process involves resource planning, organization, management and control of the shipment of goods from the office by our specialized team, as well as the execution and control of the entire transport. Logistics management is a part of supply chain management that directly influences the freight forwarding business. If managed with proper control, great results can be achieved.

As a result, logistics management has an increasingly important position in the business. Transport and logistics systems are, in most cases, interdependent on each other as logistics needs transport to carry out its activities and, at the same time, successful logistics management can improve the cost and efficiency of freight transport.

Transvolando’s logistics management

At Transvolando, thanks to our years of experience as a transport and logistics company in Madrid, we are able to offer the following services, we understand that transportation is the most critical service among all the components of the logistics process. That’s why we ensure efficient and effective freight transportation that directly influences the outcomes of the logistics system. Transportation plays an important role in the logistics system; in fact, without it, the logistics strategy cannot be carried out. It is key to take care of the transportation system and its implications in all logistic activities and this is only achieved by those companies that choose Transvolando among all the logistics companies in Madrid available. We are a sure bet.

Differences between logistics management and cargo management

In everyday life in the freight forwarding industry, it is common to hear the terms ‘Logistics Management’ and ‘Freight Management’ used synonymously. Logistics’ and ‘Freight’ are associated with the transport of goods, but those of us who work in the sector know that the two play a different role.

Load management

This is the process of supervising and managing an operation and delivery of goods. Freight management combines logistical expertise, human resources and knowledge to ensure smooth coordination between carriers and professionals in charge of cargo. In addition, freight management includes strategies to increase the efficiency of freight loading and commercial transportation.

Logistics Management

Logistics management is the part of supply chain management that plans, implements and controls the efficient and effective flow and storage of goods between the point of collection and the point of delivery.

As a distribution and transportation company in Madrid, we confirm that these are the main activities associated with our day-to-day business:

  • Order management, both with customers and suppliers.
  • Planning and management of warehouses and distribution centers
  • Material handling and packaging
  • Freight transportation
  • Strategic and tactical planning for all aspects of the supply chain and goods movement
  • Design and optimization of the entire network and agents involved in the supply chain.
  • Management of information flow, tracking and traceability
  • Supplier selection and relationship management
  • Analysis and optimization of the flow of goods
  • Complete supply chain supervision and flow management
  • Asset management (inventory, infrastructure)

By way of conclusion, we can say that logistics management is a more global and inclusive term than freight management. The scope of logistics management is broader and can encompass a lot of activities, including freight management, therefore, freight management is a part of logistics management, however, it is not diminished in terms of importance.

5 Insights into a good service from logistics companies in Madrid

Looking back, logistics management in the past was seen as simply a necessity by company managers. In other words, logistical activities were considered necessary to ensure the smooth running of a production company, but these activities were not considered “strategic”. Over time, logistics managers demonstrated the contribution and added value that good logistics management brings to the business and therefore became a key part of it.

Our years of experience among all the logistics companies in Madrid have helped us to learn these 5 main lessons:

  • 100% priority to deliver the right goods, mistakes break supply chain excellence
  • Nothing should ever be left by the wayside, the customer should receive the exact amount of cargo he requested.
  • Nothing will work if safety and good cargo conditions are not guaranteed throughout the entire logistics process.
  • Considers it unforgivable to deliver the goods to the wrong destination or after the agreed delivery date.
  • Guaranteeing an optimal service at a reasonable price is always possible.

Reasons to outsource your logistics service

What company does not want profitability in its business? None, right? This is one of the main reasons why companies of various sizes and sectors are increasingly opting to outsource their logistics management in order to increase productivity, profitability, reduce risks and costs, thus improving the quality and level of service.

As the volume of work and business increases, logistics management becomes more complex and therefore more costly. This is why outsourcing logistics services is the best option.

Advantages of logistics outsourcing

One of the advantages of outsourcing logistics is savings. It does not require large investments and, therefore, reduces costs and risks. This formula makes it possible to say goodbye to a fixed cost, since the investment in logistics and transportation will depend on the amount and volume of the company’s business at any given time.

Having a transportation and logistics company such as Transvolando, ensures to improve the quality and service offered by your company. It is also the key to reduce your structure so that you will only be in charge of defining the logistics strategy, but in no case of carrying it out. That is our business.

As if these were not enough advantages, outsourcing the logistics service is almost always linked to improving competitiveness and improving sourcing.

or productivity. Resources and investments in logistics are reduced and, therefore, these investments and resources can be used to open new markets. And as a last but not least advantage, it is important to highlight that one of the logistics companies in Madrid is the best partner to make the leap to the international market, because it allows you to count on its network and experience.

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