International Priority Shipping: What are the advantages?

What is the international priority shipping service?

The international priority shipping service consists of transporting goods to other countries in the shortest possible time.

This is possible thanks to the technological and logistical advances currently available to us. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, we can complete journeys of up to 700 km in just 24 hours. If we engage in double-driver routes, we can cover trips of up to 2500 km in just 30 hours, potentially ensuring fast delivery, a guarantee provided to the customer by this service.

How does the international priority shipping service work?

This type of service is often provided by courier companies or logistics centers, where the package is delivered to you already packed and ready for shipment and they are in charge of distributing it through a courier distribution network.

The customer can be notified of the status of the order so that he/she knows at all times how the order is progressing.

The international priority shipping service has a delivery method that is the most commonly used: 24-hour delivery.

Many transport and logistics companies have adapted to this type of delivery mode to be able to cope with this process of courier companies to anywhere in the world.

When we talk about large shipments of goods in the post of long distance transport we indicate the following: “For example, instead of making the transport by rail, you can do it by road, since about 700 km can be done in 24 hours. If you make a double driving (very common possibility in road transport in long distance transport), in about 24 hours can be made about 1000 or 1200 km and in 48 hours can be made 2000 or 2500 km, ie, if we want to make a trip from Barcelona to Munich would take approximately, including breaks stipulated by law, from 28 to 30 hours to reach destination. On the other hand, if it is done in double driving the trip could be done in a stretch of 18 to 20 hours to reach the destination, with the breaks stipulated by law.”

Road transport is becoming similar to the international priority shipping service provided by couriers. It is now possible to send a complete trailer or a groupage from Madrid to Munich in just 24 hours.

Advantages of the international service

Being a premium service guarantees us a fast, agile and personalized service at all times, depending on our needs.

The logistics operator in charge of this journey has to ensure a perfect combination of pick-up, delivery, storage and future distribution of the product.

Its main advantages are:

  • Fast delivery, minimum 24 hours and maximum 3 days, always depending on the characteristics of the product, countries, sizes, shipping characteristics, etc.
  • Tracking of the shipment, it offers at all times the possibility to track in real time where the product is, which generates confidence in the buyer.
  • Customizable orders. Possibility for the customer to customize shipments such as confidentiality or specific care.

The international priority shipping service is created with the main objective of building customer loyalty and achieving a sales strategy that avoids the competition.

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