Until very recently, there was no regulation on how to secure cargo on a truck. The only reference we found was in the General Traffic Regulations (RD 1428/2003) Art14. and it only made mention observing "the load must be well secured."

Every day a large number of merchandise shipments are made through our roads, both to cities within our borders, as well as to European cities, and both to individuals and companies. But not all people know the current situation of road transport in Spain. That's why in Transvolando, as an expert transport company, we have decided to talk to you in these lines about the current state of the transport market in our country.


What is the current situation of road transport in Spain?

Undoubtedly, road transport is one of the great pillars of the Spanish economy, and it is increasingly important that those individuals or companies that need it, can find a serious and professional transport company like ours, which carries out their shipments within the required period and with the assurance that your merchandise is in the best hands. And also with an economical and fair price that satisfies both parties to the agreement.

Are there enough professional carriers?

There is a great demand for road transport solutions, but are there enough professional carriers in Spain? The truth is that in Spain there is a high employment rate, but at the same time, we see that there are not too many carriers, which leads us to stop and think about the reason for this setback.

The transport of goods by road is more in demand thanks to the growth of foreign trade

Fortunately, freight transport by road is in greater demand thanks to the growth of foreign trade. Currently, a large volume of road transport shipments is requested internationally, especially to the countries of the European Union. This allows the transport of goods in Spain to continue being a sector of great importance for our economy.

We must ask ourselves what is the reason why it is so difficult for Spanish companies specialized in freight transport to find professional drivers to meet the needs of the sector.

Perhaps it is because the employment conditions in this sector, both for employers and employees, are not entirely favourable. This leads us to think that everyone, including the Public Administrations, the unions and also the clients of this sector, should join forces and achieve a consensus with which all the parties involved can obtain the desired benefit, whether economic or the provision of a service.

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