The Importance of Tire Recycling

Do you know how long it takes for a tire to degrade? 10 centuries, nothing more and nothing less. Then you will understand the importance of this post and tire recycling.

Well, we discard some 300,000 tons of tires per year. But once they are spent, what do we do with them? This is a major ecological problem, and one that concerns us all. If tires are not properly recycled, a serious environmental problem is created.

In fact, in our country there are still seas and seas of thousands of tons of used tires that have not been properly recycled. They are an ideal focus for the proliferation of bugs, rats and other harmful animals, since the stagnant water in the tires favors the reproduction of mosquitoes up to 4,000 times more than in nature where they are a focus of infection. Apart from the fact that, let us not forget, they represent a high direct risk factor in the generation and propagation of fires. Therefore, tire recycling is presented not as a recommendation but rather as an obligation.

Do you know the 3Rs in tire recycling?

They consist of 3 small gestures that if we all joined in doing them we would gain a lot for the planet and for the future.

REDUCE your consumption

If we all took better care of our tires, we would be doing our bit. It’s as easy as frequently checking tire pressure, alignment and not driving aggressively. Thus, tires would last up to 20% longer and we would also save up to 5% in fuel, since it is more ecological, economical and safer.


We can change the tire tread and thus extend the tire’s service life. The result is a tire with almost the same quality as a new tire and more economical. This practice is very common in countries such as Denmark and Switzerland, historically very conscious of sustainability and care for the environment.


Tires that are no longer useful can be used to make new products, such as guardrails, pipes or even decorative products. And if not, check out our article on 20 creative ideas for tire recycling.

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