How to Calculate the Price of Your Freight Transport

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Instant Price Calculator: Plan Your Transport

Do you want to calculate the price of your transport? You don’t have to wait any longer. At Transvolando, a transportation company in Madrid, we have created a calculator that allows customers to calculate the price of freight transport instantly to get an idea of how much the transportation would cost them.

In this way, you can calculate thousands of prices and obtain different transport fares in just a few minutes without waiting or hassle.

We are constantly improving and innovating not only for business growth but also to provide you with everything you need as a company. In other words, to offer the best quality and service in the transportation sector. In this way, we help to contribute to savings in transportation costs so as not to greatly alter the product’s sales costs at the commercial level.

Calculate your budget

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What is the calculator based on to calculate the price of transportation?

As we have already told you in some previous posts, the calculator is based on the packages that we are implementing at the enterprise level to calculate the price of freight.

It is calculated according to whether you are requesting a groupage (up to 8 meters, since, after 8 meters, it is considered a full load), full truck, gondola truck, etc. It is also calculated on whether the return option or the premium option is chosen.

The calculator depends on several factors to be taken into account that must be clear before starting to calculate the price of transportation, because otherwise there will come a point where you will need the support of a person to continue with the calculation of the price.

What should we take into account in order to calculate the price of our transportation?

In order to calculate the transport price we need to know the loading and unloading points, i.e. points A and B, so that we can enter them in the calculator.

Also, indicate the type of vehicle to be used and if any special requirements are needed for loading or unloading. In this point we refer to vehicles such as vans, rigid trucks, tauliner, open platforms, etc.

Many times we need help in this selection of features to fit our budget, so we would have to go to the corresponding department and contact them so they can guide us in the process and help us.

Every contract established with Transvolando is linked to conditions that establish the terms and agreements, determining not only the insurances and services originally agreed upon. But also by law, what is included in the budget, what the company offers, what is not included, the additional costs that could be incurred if there were unforeseen circumstances or if the merchandise exceeded the initially agreed measurements, as well as including stoppages and additional costs.

Do you need to calculate your transport price?

At Transvolando, transport company in Madrid, we have created a calculator that allows the client to get an instant quote for the transport of goods.

This online tool is a great solution for those customers looking for speed and efficiency in the process of budgeting a shipment. The calculator is based on different package options that we have designed thinking about the specific needs of each client. You can choose from a variety of transport options, from groupage to full trucks, gondolas and more. In addition, our calculator also allows you to select special options such as return shipments or the premium option.

But how does Transvolando’s transport calculator work?

It´s very easy. You only have to indicate the loading and unloading points, the type of vehicle and any special loading or unloading needs. In a few seconds, you will get the exact price of your transport.

At Transvolando we are committed to innovation and continuous improvement to always offer the best quality and service in the transport sector. That’s why our calculator is one more way to offer you the best experience possible. By providing you with accurate and transparent prices, we can help you save costs on your high-volume shipments.

In addition, our commitments guarantee the terms and conditions under which insurances, services, inclusions, exclusions and additional costs that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances or exceed established measures are agreed upon. This guarantees you a transport experience without surprises and with the peace of mind of knowing that you are working with a reliable provider.

In short, if you need to calculate your shipping price, look no further. At Transvolando, we offer you an accurate, easy-to-use and online calculator to help you get accurate prices in seconds. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your high volume shipments.

Request your quote in less than 3 minutes with just one click.

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