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Transvolando, national and international transport agency, offers a large number of transport services always guaranteeing to its clients the best services and the best security systems in their shipments.

Reliable transport in national and international transport services

Among its services is the transport of goods and parcels by road. This includes the transport of dangerous goods, heavy machinery, parcels, heavy loads, pallets and urgent transport. All this with the greatest commitment, experience and professionalism of experts and professionals.

Trusted national and international transport service

As we have said before, one of the major services it has when flying is the transport of goods and parcels by road, both nationally and internationally. This service is made possible, among other things, by a complete logistics chain combined with one of the most competent and ambitious rates on the market.

And it is that the company has a large fleet of machinery and convoys that make these services possible. This makes it possible to transport all kinds of heavy loads, machinery, dangerous goods as well as special transport, urgent transport or groupage transport. All this with the guarantee of timely delivery and maximum security during transport, the shipping process and delivery.

Not forgetting, of course, the large human team. Specialized workers who take care of the safety of the goods during transport and ensure that they arrive on time.

In national and international transport

It has a large number of advantages and benefits for customers. With a fleet of large trucks, it is possible to transport machinery and large-volume goods. Some of the trucks belonging to the fleet can hold up to 60 tons, which allows better handling of the goods during transport.

Another benefit of this road freight transport at the national and international levels is that it brings greater growth to the distribution sector and the road trade and transport industry. All this with one of the most competent rates in the sector.

National and international transport with complete safety and the best guarantees

When you decide to look for a road transport company sure that one of the most sought after features is security and the best guarantees. That is why flying over is one of the best options for national roadfreight transport. It has a large fleet of large-capacity trucks that are continuously renewed to offer the most professional and safe logistics and storage service in the industry.

Each of the vehicles in the fleet is fully adapted to transport all kinds of goods, whether it be dangerous goods, machinery or large-volume transport. They are also adapted to transport heavy loads and groupage transports that combine different types of goods.

Experts in Quality Transport

The adaptation of your trucks to all these types of goods makes transport completely safe and reliable. In this way, it adapts at all times to the needs of each particular load. Thanks to this, it offers the best security in the delivery of all types of goods.

Another of the secrets of the large services of the company is that it has a large team of people who really do everything possible. They have professional carriers with extensive experience, commitment, specialization and who offer personalized attention to their customers.

Thanks to this personalized attention, the customer will be able to solve all the doubts that arise regarding the transport of their goods. In this way the staff is qualified to advise and carry out any type of transfer serving each client individually according to their specific needs.

Large number of special services

Everything mentioned so far means that transvolando has a special transport service. This type of service includes the transport of air cargo, the transport of large volumes, the transport of machinery for the transport of dangerous goods.

These special national and international road transport services are possible thanks to the fleet of vehicles and specialized equipment for it. Transvolando has a gondola ideal for transporting heavy and agricultural machinery as well as a hydraulic platform ideal for transports that require a lateral load.

Professionalism and Safety in Road Transport

These special transport services are also made possible by the extendable semi-trailer, which allows longer loads to be transported. It also has a coil carrier that facilitates the transport of large and heavy coils through this type of adapted trailer.

At this point it is necessary to remember that transvolando has an authorization for this type of special transport. It has a generic authorisation, a specific authorisation. It also has an exceptional authorisation, an itinerary authorisation to carry out transport on the entire road network in addition to a full direct loading authorisation.

This shows the commitment, seriousness and guarantees of a company that you can certainly rely on for the transport of all your goods. In addition, it offers the best value for money with courtesy insurance that covers a part of the transported cargo as well as the highest punctuality of deliveries.

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