Does your merchandise need bulky transport and you have doubts about how to manage it?

Do you not know what type of vehicle suits you best?

Are you tired of having problems with your logistics company?

En Transvolando we are experts in bulky transport. We have all the vehicles and international allies to offer you shipments of packages bulky in Spain and internationally with a more agile and secure service.


Our fleet BRAND

  • Mega trailers: They are trucks that can load up to 3 meters of payload height. To achieve this, we raised the roof of the trailer up to 3,15 in order to be able to introduce the load without problems. Once the truck is loaded, we lower the roof to its normal height. This type of vehicle offers us an approximate load of 100 cubic meters.

  • road trains: they are rigid trucks with a trailer attached. They usually have a capacity of 120 cubic meters. Some can load an interior height of up to 3 meters. Most measure more than 16 interior linear meters with the truck and trailer, this allows more space available for loading.

bulky transport service

En Transvolando we offer our bulky transport service and large volume loads, special for transporting bulky loads, which allows our clients a savings in transport cost per unit. In addition also We offer shipping of bulky packages in Spain and internationally.

Our bulky cargo transportation service ranges from large and heavy loadsbulky load set o high volume and low weight loads.

Specialists in transporting bulky cargo

It is common in this type of transport that loads are very large and bulky but not excessively heavy. On many occasions, these goods are raw materials and must be moved from very effective way and with great care from the point of extraction to industrial areas, whether for example, the case of moving trees to get wood or straw, a poor fastening of it can create a risk on the road.

Frequent uploads

  • Trees and large pieces of vegetation.
  • Parts for machinery or construction, etc.
  • Industrial vehicles, special transports, etc.
  • Raw Materials.
  • Materials such as canvas, plastics, tubes, etc.
  • Load sets.



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