Would you like to find out about all the advantages of transporting full loads?

Do you need to transport your merchandise exclusively?

Do you want your company's shipments to be more agile and secure?

En Transvolando We offer you an exclusive full load service to take care of your merchandise from start to finish. We tell you everything you need to know to hire her.


What is a full charge?

Perform transport of full loads of merchandise entails a great number of advantages for our clients. It is one of the main types of road freight transport. Sometimes, the ideal depending on the needs of your company. We also offer you the heavy goods transport.

This type of transport is characterized by the fact that a vehicle exclusively transports your merchandise. The collection and delivery point can be one or several depending on your needs. The load occupies part of the vehicle or its entirety depending on the volume of your merchandise.

Full load transportation is precisely the opposite of what is known as transport by groupage or fractional cargo, which consists of grouping merchandise for different clients. In recent times, this last form of freight transport is the one that has been gaining more weight, although there are still reasons why full load transport can be an option, and even more so depending on what your needs are.

Advantages of transporting full loads

To make full truck loads our clients have a series of advantages in the service.

  • Cost savings because you make process management easier for us.

  • Increased levels of security throughout by reducing handling and distribution processes.

  • More agility. By not sharing a vehicle with other clients, 100% of the time spent on transportation will be for your own benefit.

Heavy-duty trucking service

En Transvolando, we offer a quality service that maximizes the cargo security attending to the technical criteria that are required so that the load arrives in perfect conditions and within the stipulated period of time.

What should you take into account to transport a load in your vehicle?

Use of El complete trucks for freight guarantees savings on shipping.

Service of maximum guarantees in transport of heavy loads

    • Use of the necessary equipment for handling and transport.
    • Trained and qualified personnel to carry out loading, transport and unloading work.
    • Scrupulous monitoring of safety regulations and recommendations for this type of transport.
    • Efficient driving to avoid damage and flaws in the merchandise.
    • Specialized vehicles and always up to date.


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What else should you know about full charging?

  • You can load complete and fractional.
  • We have complete trucks or full trucks sharing loads with other shipments.
  • You can transport goods with full loads of different dimensions.
  • Full loads for trucks and trailers
  • Transportation of full loads throughout the national and international territory.

The possibility of combining loads in different shipments using full or fractional load is one of the best services that Transvolando can offer you. Contact us for more details about our full load service.

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